A New Season, A New Beginning

As summer is winding down and the fall season is approaching, I am excited to begin a new season in my own life by starting this blog and connecting with you! On the blog I will be sharing my experiences as a grad student pursuing my masters degree in Nutrition and Wellness, along with sharing the latest research backed nutrition and wellness information. I will also be sharing recipes, tips to help busy families eat healthier, and some of my own personal family stories and experiences.

Speaking of the fall season approaching, who has kids that are going back to school? Does anyone else have mixed emotions at this time of year? My kids are definitely ready to go back, they are getting bored. I am definitely ready for them to go back, I work from home and that is especially challenging when they are home. But I will totally miss the laid back summer schedule (and being able to sleep in a little!) My two youngest boys, ages 11 and 12, go back to school tomorrow. My 12-year-old is heading to 7th grade (middle school!!) AND playing football for the first time, and my 11-year-old is heading to 6th grade, so we have backpacks packed with all the school supplies and football equipment sitting by the front door, all ready to go. Ready or not, here we go! Stay tuned for some healthy lunch ideas in my next post, and enjoy every last little bit of summer.

Out with my husband, Tim, and our two youngest boys, Seamus and Brady, enjoying a last summer dinner out before returning to the back-to-school routine.

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